A running journal from ringside in sin cityLAS VEGAS Welcome to Sin City on the key, most frantic, Buzz worthy weekend Las Vegas has previously since, wl, that point last year.The guys are wearing even more cologne and showing off more chest hair than usual. the ladies, Many of whom could double as flotation protection devices, Are in general wearing nipple pasties and thongs. On Saturday evening, It took 50 minutes to drive the two km’s on The Strip from Mandalay Bay back to the MGM Grand). people are walking with an extra hop in their step. stay, the minimum of, Money is flowing within the perimeter of city like Patron in a hip hop video (when it comes to Mrs. economic state. Among her gifts: A $600 pair of audra Louboutin heels. I can complain excess of, planned. final result how much I spent on TVs and toys, Guys trips and gambling within the not to mention frivolous stuff she probably deserves 10 pairs of Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos).Under any background, travelers relax and let loose in Vegas. merely, Year in and year away from, Super Bowl is the key weekend of the year for city. Throw into the mix UFC 94 which could wind up being the biggest ufc event in the company 15 year history and you have New Year Eve, halloween and the Fourth of July. This is my fourth in time Vegas; The previous three have been awesome but the atmosphere this week is unlike anything I experienced in the city.the stage that the trip? insuring UFC 94, Headlined by a dream top level: Welterweight champion Georges St Pierre versus not at all heavy champ BJ Penn. When people talk about the best pound for pound fighter in the sunshine, Four names guide you: ultimate fighting championship series middleweight champ Anderson Silva; WAMMA great christian louboutin cheap quality champ Fedor Emelianenko; St Pierre as well Penn. For MMA freakouts, This match is LeBron instead of Kobe; Crosby instead of Ovechkin; Brady instead of Manning. individuals 15,000 fans have paid a overall $4.3 million to watch out it live. At least another million households will pay $50 to watch it on cpv. Millions more will cram into sports bars within the perimeter of continent.selection occasion than that to break out the running journal? incredibly, Live from ringside on monday, It ultimate fighting championship series 94… PST: Walking through the hotel upon MGM Grand Garden Arena, A palpable buzz is around us. It really hard to describe unless you actually in it, But the adrenaline level is off the charts. I can go 10 steps without traversing to a BJ Penn or Georges St Pierre shirt, Or clashing with someone from Canada or Hawaii. Fans are giddy although flock to the arena. You want to upset a sports reporter? Make them wait for an pre event meal. christian louboutin cheap There a handful of journalists looking for gnawing the christian Louboutin Discount arms off the hotel staff. Before I Louboutin even realize the staff made the news, There until now a dozen or so people in line.) The decision: UFC and MGM achieved it up right. philippine theme. Endless range of choices, From finger foods to dinner to dessert. Row are likely to be empty for that first fight, Noted The do Sid Seixiero. I a happy man chances are. associated with, It would be an enjoyable experience to be sitting in the stands, building a drink, Not worrying about filing a story and simply soaking up this kind of atmosphere. But in the process, Unless I wanted to pay four digits, I wouldn be meters this close. Assuming he was bringing up Arroyo, I think he eradicating call him Joey Fatone, The bearded person in NSync. (the record, Fatone lost the night opening prelim match via split decision in Cramer first knowledgeable fight. This place was the lions share full for Fatone Cramer. with regard to a, Mirko Cro Cop has held the title for techniques Music in MMA, Using Duran Duran Boys But as the doorway theme for Hungary Christian Wellisch blares through the arena, the brand new king is crowned. The vocals? You want to Hurt Me? By modern culture Club. He wins a pretty contemplating split decision over Wellisch in the light heavyweight match. down John Howard Chris Wilson welterweight match, The two are on the mat and exchange hold for hold and letting go for letting go in a 30 second stretch, And the gang roars in approval. (Compare this to UFC 1 when Ken Shamrock was booed out of a house after he made Patrick Smith submit to a heel hook. The fans were so naive, They had no idea what actually transpired. yes, It more than three hours before they cycle of to fight. Stanton and Celeste have the whole Dawson Katie Holmes hot but really cute so in which her kinda hot down pat, regardless of Labelle has some, uh, Assets that definitely make heads turn. 1 There a coach/assistant the Octagon girls. I would have thought very easily pretty self explanatory: Take curves after each round; Grab a hoop card; Do a lap within the perimeter of cheap louboutins Octagon; Wave and blow some smooches; Then sit backtrack. It going to require a heck of a match to top Wilson Howard for fight of the night time. (Howard won by you guessed it split picking. 2 A five minute round is a really lifetime. Watching on cpv, You don grasp just how endless that lead-time can feel for a fIghter. Like Randy premium said once: Naked out in the open. interpretation: is not where to run or hide, And people are watching you. When a fighter is getting peppered with an endless barrage of jabs or is mounted on to the floor and eating fists and elbows, Five minutes can are similar to five hours. (do you know what else can feel like five hours? When your baby is screaming on an aircraft. Though christian louboutin cheap my baby Sydney Dylan, already seven months, Was good for of the flights, During the moment when she voiced her displeasure, It felt like other passenger was loading up a tranquilizer gun and aiming it at myself, Mrs. I know I shocked and amazed. But Tavares Gamburyan will be able to a decision. One day after weighing in with a giant afro wig and zebra striped boxers, japan welterweight, and the two of his cornermen, Have entered the arena working in full length, yellow metal ball gowns; hair pieces; Hair stuff; Ball equipment; And sunlight. altogether, They performing a complete two or three minute dance routine to what will sound like a Japanese version of The Supremes. He found beat down for three rounds by Jon Fitch. (UFC president ufc president dana white, For his a segment, Didn self the theatrics. Aren unnecessary guys who can pull that off. the anesthetist can. i appreciate him, He said in the after press conference, Adding that it just a part of the quirky Japanese culture. A comic guy. He a proficient guy. let me just say you what. There aren many folks that aren going christian Louboutin Discount to get their ass kicked when they face Jon Fitch. He battled a real guy… But with a dress, a lot of better win. UFC alternates showing work clips of GSP and BJ, as outlined by each new clip, the gang roars louder and louder. I can even imagine what the decibel level in this building will be when it top level time. therapeutic for him, much. UFC is stuffed with class acts, But Guida took the cake recently. precisely he was, He fixed every autograph, Stopped for every picture and granted every work. (One random cooperation thought. especially if they: Fighters being able to use virtually what you want for their entrance music. It really enhances the atmosphere in the arena. unhealthy: UFC only has the license for the music for the live cpv. within the DVD is released, pretty much all entrances are cut out. the perfect A: in weigh ins on Friday, The six foot Diaz went face to face with the 5 foot 7 Guida and almost mocked him as he stared below at him. the perfect B: After Guida signifies a serious wins the first round, It doesn intimidate Diaz. He smugly raises his arms in soiree and stares down the thousands of fans booing him. I don know if he was a pro wrestling fan a kid, taken into consideration tapes of Ortiz, Or if he just as to be expected a jerk, But Diaz oozes the kind of charisma that makes people spend their money with the idea of seeing him get his butt kicked.

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